10th JANUARY 2023

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Heb 2: 5-12;      Ps 8: 2 ,5-9;      Mk 1: 21-28



The idea of the Trinity has caused a great uproar throughout history. The theologians used the Latin phrase homo ousius, which means ‘of the same substance’, to denote the equivalence of the Father and the Son. From this essential unity of the Father and the Son proceeds the ‘life giving’ Holy Spirit. The author of the book of Hebrews too, attempts to place a Christological defence of the Son’s supremacy over components that Jews had deified – angels, the Torah, Moses, the promised land, earthly priests, sacrifices, and the covenant. The reading reveals to us how Jesus was created to be, for a specified time, a bit lower than the angels, to exalt the children of God, in line with God’s plan. He perfected our salvation through his passion. He has now been crowned with honour and glory precisely because of his passion, and everything is subordinated to him.

For the sake of his own, he came into this world, and his own received him not (Jn 1:11). This is one of the saddest verses in the bible. Even when his people failed to recognise him, the enemy, the evil one, is prompt in seeing Jesus for what he is: the Holy One of God. This irony is still seen in our churches. Jesus in the Holy Sacrament is often most disrespected among Catholics. Sometimes, we are complacent about the Lord’s presence in our observances and take him for granted.

The ones who probably believe the most in his real substantial and true presence in the Sacrament are his enemies: those who engage in desecration by black mass. People of other religions frequently are witness to miracles at retreat houses, pilgrim centres, and shrines; could this be because, their faith is not tainted by outward observances? Have we become lukewarm, and our faith dormant that we do not open ourselves before the Lord? The challenge that looms over us is to open our eyes of faith and not let familiarity blind us!

Response: You have given your Son power over the works of your hands.

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