18th JANUARY 2023

Healing Of Man's Withered Hand by Timmy Miller



Heb 7: 1-3, 15-17;                  Ps 110: 1-4;                Mk 3: 1-6




The writer to the Hebrews highlights the similarity between Melchizedek and Jesus in today’s first Reading. Melchizedek brought forth bread and wine to refresh Abraham and his servants when they were weary. He writes that Melchizedek gave as a king and blessed as a priest. Thus, our Lord Jesus as the eternal King and Priest meets us, his chosen people in our spiritual conflicts. Our Lord refreshes us, renews our strength and blesses us. Thus, as the expression of our gratitude for what Melchizedek had done for Abraham, we too should make all possible returns of love and gratitude to our Lord Jesus Christ for all the rich and royal favours we receive from him every day of our life. We should put all our offerings into his hands to be presented to God. Our Lord Jesus Christ is the priest of the order of Melchizedek and we are required to make ourselves an offering to him every day with a heart filled with gratitude


 This is what we find missing in the Gospel passage, which speaks about the hardness of the hearts of the scribes and the Pharisees. We find Jesus unbothered by their cold attitude towards him and he looked past their hatred. In their hard-heartedness, instead of loving Christ because of his mercy shown to this man seeking healing, they who were otherwise at loggerheads always, got together to conspire against Jesus. Instead of building their faith in him, they planned to tear him apart. The readings of the day inspire us to be not like the scribes and Pharisees but rather like the writer of the Hebrews who believed in the rich mercies of the Lord.


Let us be like the Psalmist who concerns himself purely with God. Let us believe in the loving mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ who as our Redeemer executes the office of a Prophet, a priest and a King – just like Melchizedek! Let us have an expression of gratitude as we move ahead in life.


Response: You are a priest forever, in the line of Melchizedek.

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