19th JANUARY 2023

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Heb 7: 25 – 8: 6;                     Ps 40: 7-10, 17;                      Mk 3: 7-12




As a part of the career counselling cell, the professor pointed many students in the direction of their vocational calling. He helped many youngsters identify their areas of strength and assisted their journey toward self-realization. A young boy remained doubtful of his purpose. He asked himself – “Who am I? Why have I been placed by God in my family? Who are the people that God has placed in my life? What am I required to do?” One day while staring at his reflection in the river, the young lad saw the rays of the bright sun shining around his head like a halo. He pondered on this and a voice deep within his heart called out to him saying, “You are set apart, to be holy. You are called to live according to my ways. I will refine your thoughts so that your deeds may be pure. Remain in me as I remain in you. Be guided by the promptings of my spirit.” That moment of realization was a life-changing episode in the life of the boy.

The mission of Jesus foretold in the first reading, comes to pass in today’s Gospel. God’s faithfulness to his people through his son Jesus – the Messiah is seen profoundly. Jesus is set apart – ‘high priest, holy, innocent, undefiled, separated from sinners, made higher than the heavens.’ In 1 John 3:1, Jesus calls us God’s children. This means that we too are purposed to be higher than what the world calls us to do. We have a deeper connection in God’s handiwork. And, we must strengthen that connection. We must deeply care about what God cares about.

Jesus never stopped acting out his purpose. He healed many and even the unclean spirits bowed before him. Such was the heavenly grace bestowed upon him. Can we continue to destroy death and bring life and light to the world through the Gospel? Like the boy who found his purpose while reflecting on his life, can we too spare some moments today to ask God his will for our next steps?

Response: See, I have come, Lord, to do your will.

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