6th FEBRUARY 2023

Genesis 1:1–31 (ESV) - Genesis 1:1–31 ESV - In the beginning, God… | Biblia



Memorial of Saint Paul Miki and Companions, Martyrs


Gn 1: 1-19;     Ps 104: 1-2,5-6,10,12,24,35;     Mk 6: 53-56


Marvin Olasky says, “To talk about God as a Creator is not religion. Religion is man’s attempt to reach God. This is simply looking at the facts of the world around us. You can’t help but look at creation. It’s all too phenomenal. You’d have to repress something to think this is all about evolution.” What a quotation to begin with our reflection on the readings of today. In the first reading today, God creates the world. With all the expertise and scientific developments, we cannot deny a superpower beyond this creation. Almost all religions accept this superpower as God. And we Christians do believe in the creator God. Creation is a creative thought of God and an extension of his love and care. Creation is an extension of God himself. As we see the above quote we can’t help but look at creation and understand the creator God and his love for each one of us. That is why we have so many sages who went to nature seeking God. Ignatius would explain the same reality in the words “finding God in all things,” John of the cross would exclaim the same saying, “tell me the good things God has created in you,” and Akka Mahadevi would ask nature “have you seen my God, if yes, please let me know.”

This is something to do with the material world. We are called to go beyond. The material world could only be a means and can never be an end. It can be a way, not the goal. The creation around us can show the traces of the creator God. We are not to remain there. We are called to search more, know the real, love the good and serve the truth (CCC 1). This is the purpose of our creation. We are called to be holy and that happens only when we rise beyond. We are called to be mystics and that happens only when we go beyond the material world. If we don’t see beyond, we will be seeing God as just a healer and run to him only for something physical as we see in the gospel of the day. Let our quest be nothing less than the creator God.

Response: May the Lord rejoice in his works!

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