7th MARCH 2023

The Exaltation of the Humble of Heart | Matthew 23:1-12 | Church of The  Holy Name of Mary



Is 1: 10, 16-20;          Ps 50: 8-9,16-17,21,23;             Mt 23: 1-12


Humility seems like such a contradiction. We are easily tempted to think that the way to greatness involves letting everyone know all that we do. There is a constant temptation for most of us to put forward our best face and to hope others will see and admire it. We want to be noticed and praised. And we often try to make that happen through the little things we do and speak. And often we tend to exaggerate who we are. On the contrary, if someone criticizes us and thinks ill about us, we are disturbed, easily go into depression and anger fills the rest of the day or even the rest of the week! Why? Because our pride is wounded and that wound hurts. It can hurt unless we have discovered the incredible gift of humility.

Yes, humility is a virtue that enables us to be real. It enables us to cut through any false ideas that we may have and simply accept who we are. Humility is nothing other than being honest and true about our lives and being comfortable with our weaknesses and good qualities. Jesus gives us a wonderful lesson in the Gospel passage, that seems hard to live but is key to living a happy life. He wants us to be exalted! He wants us to be noticed by others. He wants our light of goodness to shine for all to see and that light to make a difference in others’ lives. But He wants it done in truth, not by presenting a false personality. He wants the real “me” to shine forth. And that is humility.

Humility is sincerity and genuineness. And when people see this quality in us, they are overwhelmed. Humility enables the real you to shine through. And the real you is someone whom others want to meet and get to know. Let us reflect on our genuineness. Let us make this time of Lent a time when the foolishness of pride is shattered. Let God strip away our false image of our self, so that our true self can shine forth. Let us humble ourselves in this way and God will take us and exalt us, and we can always remain happy and satisfied.

Response: To one whose way is blameless, I will show the salvation of God.

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