13th MARCH 2023

What Does "Christ in You" Mean? - Beautiful in Jesus



2 Kgs 5: 1-15;            Ps 42: 2-3; 43: 3-4;    Lk 4: 24-30



When can I enter and appear before the face of God? Once a poor farmer came across a diamond merchant, who allured him with the beauty of sparkling stones he possessed. Carried away by greed, this poor farmer sold the land he owned to buy one and indeed he did. A few years later when the farmer came back to see his property to his surprise, the person to whom he had sold his property was a billionaire and the owner of thousands of gems brighter and more beautiful than what the farmer possessed. On asking “how?” he replied, “these precious stones covered with mud were lying within your land. You only had to dig deeper to uncover them, which I did.” At times like that poor farmer, we too have the rarest of jewels buried within. Not realizing it, we search for it everywhere else, and to our disappointment only to find what is very little. We become content with very little. We are happy to receive a little water when we have a river flowing in our backyard. The solution to all the problems of life lies within us, only in vain do we go to search for it abroad.

In the first reading, Naaman, the commander goes to Elisha and receives healing, when in fact there were thousands of lepers in Israel who never turned to Elisha. Jesus is ready to offer us the fount of living water, but are we ready to ask him for it? Jesus himself says how much more will the heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him? (Lk 11: 13).

We praise the Lord in good times, are we also ready to wait for the Lord in faith when storms arise? Let us not go after things not of the Lord, for it can provide us with nothing compared to what the Lord is ready to offer. Will he who gave himself up completely soul and body, flesh and blood for you, not take care of you? The treasure lies at home, God resides within you. Don’t move out seeking joy and peace when the fount lies in your heart.


Response: My soul is thirsting for God, the living God.

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