14th MARCH 2023

The Importance of Forgiving Others - Christian Publishing House Blog



Dn 3: 25, 34-43;                     Ps 25: 4-9;                  Mt 18: 21-35




Will you plead for the mercy of the Lord? How will the Lord respond to those who seek his mercy? In today’s readings, we have three examples to explain the dynamism of God’s mercy. First: The cry for mercy by the three young men who were thrown into the burning furnace at Babylon. They were thrown into the fire because of their faithfulness to Yahweh and to His commandments. They were thrown into the fiery furnace because of their unwillingness to bow before the Golden Idol. While undergoing the death sentence, they cried out for the mercy of the Lord for the forgiveness of their sins and the sins of their fathers. The Lord came down to be with them in the fire, he protected them, rescued, and raised them, to great power and position in the very land of their captivity. The Lord rewarded their faithfulness.

Second: The cry of the Servant who was in debt of 10,000 talents. The debt was so huge that he would not be able to pay it back, even by selling everything he had and even by selling himself. This massive debt symbolizes the debt of as many as thousands of generations. The present debt, the servant is helpless to manage it. He cried out for the mercy of the Master and the master declares an amazing verdict to set him free forever. Here after no generation will be culpable of the debt. The mercy of God just made him free. The sins of all human generations are washed away through the merits of the passion and the death of Jesus Christ.

Third: The cry of the fellow servant of the one who was made free. He cried “give me some more time.” The debt was just 100 denari, a meagre 100 days’ wage. But one who received the mercy of the master was not ready to show mercy likewise. Thus, he lost the opportunity to enjoy the freedom that was given to him. God’s mercy is a gift, and becomes effective in us when we, in turn, show compassion to one another.


Response: Remember your compassion, O Lord.

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