19th MARCH 2023

John 9:1–41 (ESV) - John 9:1–41 ESV - As he passed by, he saw a man… |  Biblia



1 Sm 16:1,6-7,10-13;             Ps 23:1-6;                   Eph 5:8-14;                Jn 9:1-41



As we enter the fourth Sunday of Lent, let us dive into the message of today’s liturgy to understand how God is looking to work in our lives, and release his divine favour.

The people who lived in darkness saw a great light – the light that was going to be key to yet another one (Christ), generations to follow. Samuel was entrusted with the task to anoint a king from among the sons of Jesse. The Lord spoke to Samuel and guided him every step of the way, so that he might not fall prey to outward appearances based on his own judgement, but trust the decision and direction of the Lord. Eventually, God showed him the sign he was longing for. Think about how he must have rejoiced, his heart and mind lit up with joy on fulfilling the plan of God!

St Paul tells us: “Once you were darkness, but now you are light in the Lord; walk as children of light”. We cannot see light, but it is due to it that we can see things. God is light and in Him we see all good things. We should be light, and all should be able to see God by our life. The second reading shows us the many glorious rewards of living as the children of the light – who is God himself. The instructions are very clear too. We are asked to learn what is pleasing to the Lord. We are urged not to partake in the dark and futile works of the world. The light that Christ became and gives to us today, is the same light that fueled the anointing of David and the same light that is seeking to fill us and guide us today.

The giver of light is also the provider of sight. Jesus dispels all spiritual darkness just like he removed physical darkness from the world of the blind man. Celidonius is the traditional name ascribed to this man. Celidonius means ‘a swallow’. Like the swallow finds refuge in her nest, so did this blind man find harbour in the miracle that Jesus performed for him. His new found sight allowed the eyes of his mind to be opened and recognise the son of God in his deliverer.

Many times, we look at our physical ailments and the disabilities of people around us with great sadness. Warren Wiersbe wrote, “Only God knows why babies are born with handicaps, and only God can turn those handicaps into something that will bring good to the people and glory to His name.” Faith in the Lord allows a divine light to penetrate the darkness of despair. Faith helps us look at physical ailments through the window of God’s goodness and power. God uses our weaknesses to draw us closer to him.

When we open our eyes to the works of God, we see the world in a new light. The materialistic things we longed for don’t matter as much as the littlest things that please God – a friendly handshake, a listening ear, a kind word, presence and love! Only God can open our eyes to the paths in the wilderness we did not see before. Only his spirit can invoke the desire in us to serve him. Many may separate themselves from us when we expose the darkness that they enjoy. Just like the Pharisees did to the blind man, Satan will use his weapons to dampen our faith and put out our fire to serve God. Can we look at our weaknesses in a new light today? Can we allow the work of God to be revealed through our inabilities? Is the darkness of pride causing us to blur out those parts that we must focus on?

Perhaps the Lord is calling us to say no to certain comfort elements in our life, so that we can make way for a greater possibility. Had Samuel rest his gaze on Eliab, how could God’s holy will be established through David and his descendants? Perhaps God is asking us to open the eyes of our hearts to receive the saviour of the world – the morning star, the brightest light of the world! Can we rise above the daily turbulence to seek this lasting light that awaits to envelop and renew us? Would you permit the God of light to crush the darkness of sin underneath your feet today and in the days to come?

Response: The Lord is my shepherd; there is nothing I shall want.

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