28th MARCH 2023

My Reflections...: 1Reflection for Tuesday March 31, Fifth Week of Lent: John  8:21-30



Nm 21: 4-9;                Ps 102: 2-3, 16-21;                 Jn 8: 21-30



Israel’s journey from slavery in Egypt to possess the promised land, serves as a foundation for being the chosen nation of Yahweh. It is through this exodus experience they gradually formed their religious foundation, as people set apart for God. This journey is both gruelling and exhausting. Thus, being fed up, they begin to complain about their experience and blame both Moses and God, for bringing them out of Egypt. As a result, we are told, fiery serpents began attacking and killing people, and in their desperation, they resort back to God. And God tells Moses to make a bronze serpent, and raise it amidst them. Whoever saw it would be saved. The bronze serpent becomes the symbol of Christ the victor, raised on the cross, for our salvation, as seen in the gospel.

Indeed, we cannot pass through this life unscathed. There sure is to be a time in our lives, when we too grow weary and tired. There would be a moment here and there, we would lose hope, we would not want to grow up in our faith life, just because we are comfortable in our mundane lives. At times we have lots of expectations from our lives. But common wisdom has it that at times, all our expectations and hopes are not met. Just like people in the wilderness, we see as if not making any progress at all in our lives. Be it, financially, in our relationships, or our achieving of dreams and aspirations. When in desperation, how do we respond to such a situation of weariness, and loss of hope?

We see today more than ever, people having recourse to suicide, pointing sign that today more than ever, people become disillusioned and lose hope easily, even in the so-called progressive society. What are we to do? We need to look in the right direction. Christ is only the solution all we have to do is to look to him. He is always there for us, waiting for our return to him so that he could fill us with hope.


Response: O Lord, hear my prayer, and let my cry come to you.

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