20th APRIL 2023

John 3,31-36 - Digital Catholic Missionaries (DCM)



Acts 5: 27-33;                         Ps 34: 2, 9, 17-20;                  Jn 3: 31-36




The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ have brought to completion God’s plan of Salvation for all humanity. God has done his part in one sense and it is our part now. Jesus is risen and his resurrection has re-opened the door to God, a door that was closed by our sin.


In the first reading, Peter boldly responds to the questioning of the captain of the temple and the chief priests. He says that he is compelled to proclaim the truth of Jesus because he is a witness to what Jesus said and did, just like the Holy Spirit. They apostles made it clear, “Obedience to God comes before obedience to men!” Against such unjust authorities, they could not but continue to witness to the Risen Christ because the Holy Spirit, that is the Spirit that convicts, the Spirit of Truth as sent by the Lord, had been given to them. Having been given the truth, they could not remain quiet as they had been commanded by the Lord to testify. The Holy Spirit cannot be controlled or quelled and thus those who follow and obey the Lord, who have received the same Holy Spirit are given the same grace to boldly proclaim the name of Jesus Christ, his resurrection and his love.


The Gospel aims to show us that he who is of the earth, belongs to the earth and thinks and speaks in an earthly way. But he who is from above is above all. Jesus is showing us how our life in the Holy Spirit does two things. Firstly, It teaches us to think less of earthly things and more of heavenly things. It teaches us to set our eyes on eternity rather than on material things or temporal things. Secondly, our life in the Holy Spirit gives us the boldness to live this new way of life, even if we face challenges, personal sin and opposition from others. It gives us the boldness to live our lives under Jesus’ Lordship but also proclaim what Jesus has done for us to others. Let us ask for this grace from the Holy Spirit today


Response: The lowly one called, and the Lord heard him.

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