22nd APRIL 2023

My Reflections...: 1Reflection for May 4, Saturday: Second Week of Easter;  John 6:16-21



Acts 6: 1-7;                 Ps 33: 1-2, 4-5, 18-19;                       Jn 6: 16-21



None of us is a stranger to adversity or times of trial. When the going gets rough and tough and we find it impossible to see beyond our noses! The disciples were experiencing something like this with the rough weather in the boat. Probably their emotions were of fear, tiredness and frustration. Precisely at this time, Jesus approaches their boat. But they show fear and fright towards Him. It is only after His word of assurance that they were happy to take Him in their boat and they reached their destination. Similarly, how many times have we failed to recognize Jesus, when we were caught up in our fears and troubling circumstances and even felt frightened of Him? It is only when His word beams on us, that we find there the strength and grace to move our attention from the negatives around and within us to His person.

In today’s Gospel passage Jesus’ word, “It is I, do not fear” is a gratuitous gift to the disciples. They did not even think about Jesus or seek Him out but He walked towards them. Let us take a moment today to say ‘Thank You’ to Jesus with all our hearts, for all the times He has walked in on us and in our daily struggles and challenges, even when He was the last thing on our minds. And then the disciples found themselves at land. Accepting Jesus in their boat, they reached land with much less effort and time. To our modern minds, this shortcut looks superb. We could advertise ‘Let Jesus in your life and you reach heaven ‘aram se’ – no more sweat, no more strain’!

We must not forget that the disciples had before toiled and struggled with all their might against the rough lake and strong winds in the dark. Rowing hard had taken their energy. The juicy shortcut seems to come only when the disciples and you and I have reached the end of our strength. So, let us ask the Holy Spirit to keep our lamp burning till the Master comes and we may reach the eternal shore.

Response: May your merciful love be upon us, as we hope in you, O Lord.

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