12th MAY 2023

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Acts 15: 22-31;                       Ps 57: 8-10, 12;                      Jn 15: 12-17



“The apostles and the elders, along with the entire Church,” “We didn’t authorize,” “They will confirm what we have written” and “The Holy Spirit has led us to this decision.” These verses serve as a defense for the accusations laid down against us that we don’t believe in Scripture alone. Why should we believe in Scripture alone when today’s reading tells us that the basis of our belief does not spring from Scripture alone but also from the Apostolic Tradition and the Magisterium.

God revealed himself to his people through history, creation and the prophets. He revealed himself definitely through the mystery of the incarnation, death and resurrection of Jesus, his Son. Jesus then chose the apostles to whom he revealed his word informing them of what he desired them to know and what he wished them to communicate to us, the people to whom he gave his life. Therefore, the transmission of God’s revelation in Jesus, first happened in the Church to whom Jesus preached orally. The members of the Church under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit wrote down the sayings and parables of Jesus, his deeds and his miracles as it was revealed to the Apostles. This became the Scriptures. The Church cherished this deposit of faith which she received from Christ through the Apostles along with other matters of faith such as liturgy, institutions, inspired writings and witnesses which were handed down for the coming generations through the successors of the Apostles i.e. the Pope and the Bishops. This became the Apostolic Tradition.

Therefore, the Scripture along with the Tradition contains the fullness of the revelation of Jesus. This revelation has to be wisely interpreted according to the context which is done by the Magisterium i.e. the teaching authority of the Church. The Church hands thus to every generation all that has been revealed in Christ, in purity and in fullness!

Response: I will praise you, Lord, among the peoples.

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