16th MAY 2023

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Acts 16: 22-34;                       Ps 138: 1-3, 7-8;                     Jn 16: 5-11




The liturgy today highlights the immensity of joy, one can have if only he possesses the kingdom of God within him. Some may say it is the freedom of those born-again. St Paul and Silas show us today how the joy of the gospel is exceedingly greater than the pain which suffering and persecution can inflict on us in this world. We may have seen an opera singer’s high-noted voice shattering glass. This is absolutely a scientific phenomenon because every piece of glass has a natural resonant frequency.


Whereas in today’s reading, we have two holy men who did not perform any stunts, but instead much more than that. They caused a great earthquake and eventually the prison gates lay open. This happened only because of the power of their faith and love for the truth, Jesus Christ Himself. God delivered them from the prison but they didn’t go out simply but offered a gracious gift to God by saving a soul and ultimately bringing many souls to the knowledge and love of Christ. The jailer and the fellow brethren also experience a shattering of unbelief and presumptions when they were pierced by the evangelical zeal of St Paul and Silas. That night indeed was an extraordinary night where God worked marvels.


Does God still work such marvels today? If no, then our rock solid hearts too must shatter and must be moist to experience the tender love of God in the person of Christ Jesus. This is accomplished by the power and working of the Holy Spirt whom our Dear Lord promises in the Gospel today. Who else knows the length, breath and the depth of God’s love other than the Holy Spirit? Therefore, let us heed to the voice of the Holy Spirit who will pierce our disbelief and revive our drooping spirit to experience a fresh anointing of the reborn. This is the Joy of the Gospel and experience of the kingdom of God within.


Response: With your right hand you save me, O Lord.

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