27th MAY 2023

Jesus' Hidden Life | John 21:20-25 | Church of The Holy Name of Mary



Acts 28: 16-20, 30-31;                       Ps 11: 4, 5, 7;                         Jn 21: 20-25



Peter and John are the Apostles closest to Jesus. Now that Jesus has intimately revealed to Peter what is in store for him, it is but human nature for Peter to know what type of future lies for his friend John. Jesus’ answer looks like a rebuke. The “what if” became the talk of the town even today but our reflection will dwell on the next sentence: ‘What concern is it of yours?’

To be concerned about others is an extension of our love for them. Yet many a time, our concern borders on shallow interest and often extends to gossip. Worser, what seems to be a concern is actually envy, jealousy or even arrogance. Why is my friend more blessed than I am? Sometimes we feel better because we are closer to the boss than others and so we become bossy ourselves.

Ask yourself, were you ever jealous of someone who seemed to be loved and accepted by everyone? Have you ever desired to have the gifts and talents of one of your siblings or a friend? I assume so! These feelings are natural and normal. However, we need to learn how to manage these emotions or else they will begin to manage us.

In the Gospel passage, Jesus tells Peter to follow Him and in following Him, he needs to focus on the particular mission given to him. The enemy knows well to distract us by making us too concerned for others. Each one of us has a mission that no one else will do and there is enough work to do in the vineyard of the Lord. Jealousy and arrogance will only delay and even set back the completion of our work. Peter is to become the leader while John will be an Evangelist. Some of us will be preachers while others will become contemplatives. Still, others will do the dirty work of cleaning the kitchen and more. Indeed, if each one of us will mind his or her own business and cooperate rather than compete, there will be less fighting and peace will be achieved.


Response: The upright shall behold your face, O Lord

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