12th SEPTEMBER 2023

Pin on Jesus for Kids



Col 2: 6-15;                Ps 145: 1-2,8-11;                    Lk 6:12-19



One of the greatest attributes of God is that he lacks nothing! In his encounter with Moses at the burning bush, God introduces to Moses saying, “I am who I am.” (Ex 3:14). God’s self-existence is such that he needs nothing. He doesn’t need anything to be better, to be more God and to be more fully himself. He is the fullness and nothing can exceed him! On the other hand, we always lack and need something. The boy wants a bicycle. The person with the bicycle wants a bike, and the list goes on. Man’s needs can never be fulfilled unless he is given something that is everything! This is what God did. Out of his goodness and love, he gave us the best of everything i.e. His Son himself! How can we therefore make sense of this beautiful generosity of God?

Today’s first reading comes to our rescue. St. Paul couldn’t have better articulated this in his letter to Colossians today. Now that we have received Christ, we not only possess him but walk with him as a friend, rooted with him as our nourishment and built upon him as our foundation. While we have to thank God for this, can we afford to lose him just because someone with his/her wise words attempts to persuade us from believing in Jesus? It is a proven fact, that people will try to convince us from believing that God doesn’t exist basing their arguments in philosophy, science or even history! Is it worth the effort, when we know that our God is the greatest good that we possess? He lacks nothing because he is supreme and has created everything. Despite us disowning him, he forgave us by being crucified and raised us to eternal life!

This is a valid argument of St Paul and he makes complete sense of it! Let this reading therefore remind us of the wonderful exchange of God! The God who lacks nothing, gave us His son to us who are lacking in many things so that we have everything!

Response: How good is the Lord to all.

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