13th SEPTEMBER 2023

Colossians 3:1-11: Put Away the Old Story - YouTube



Memorial of St John Chrysostom, Bishop and Doctor


Col 3: 1-11;    Ps 145: 2-3, 10-13;     Lk 6: 20-26


Every saint or a devout human for that matter, usually goes through two phases of life. One, a stage before his conversion and another a stage after his conversion. These stages usually have a vast contradiction, one opposite to the other. One of the most common characteristics to notice is that a man before conversion is bent towards the world and all its pleasures but the man after conversion is bent on heaven and all its bliss.

In the Bible, we have a vast number of instances of conversion. Conversion in one’s life means to return or to go back. There are two types of conversion, one external and the other internal. True conversion is initiated by the grace of God. In the life of Paul, the apostle who experienced a radical conversion on the way to Damascus, we see how the sight of Jesus initiated a conversion deep within his heart. Conversion can also be divided into positive and negative. When one has heartfelt sorrow for sin, causing him/her to hate it and turn from it; whereas when one has heartfelt joy in God through Christ, causing us to take delight in living according to the will of God in all good works, it can be termed optimistic.

The reading of the day calls for true conversion; To not attach oneself to the world and all its delights but rather to seek earnestly what will come in eternal life. Concretely speaking the Christian life is a life of conversion. It is a day-to-day conversion from vices and from the formation of a true child of God. We are called to live in a state of grace which is possible only by one’s adherence to God’s commandments.

When a Christian is not rooted in Christ, he can only have a temporary faith, like that of Judas, who betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. We can easily fall into adversity. A Christian rooted in Christ and strong in faith will face any evil and overcome it. Let us pray for the grace of conversion.

Response: How good is the Lord to all.

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