16th SEPTEMBER 2023

Gospel Reflection Today - Lk 6:43-49 - A Firm Foundation - Saturday, Week  23 in Ordinary Time - YouTube



Mem. of Saints Cornelius and Cyprian, Martyrs


1 Tm 1: 15-17;                       Ps 113: 1-7;                Lk 6: 43-49




Today we celebrate the memorial of two great saints who won the martyr’s crown. These two soldiers of Christ had a perfect blend of kindness and courage. This enabled them to maintain unity at a time of schism and apostasy. They defended the power of the Church to reconcile those who had lapsed under persecution. In the Gospel today, Jesus calls us to examine our hearts. Perhaps our hearts are filled with negative “treasures”, like sorrow, anxiety, distress, prejudice, blame and irresponsibility. All these will be manifested in some way or the other. It may be through our words or our actions and eventually cause harm to others.

Likewise, our heart may be also stored up with positive “treasures”, like that of faith in God, forgiveness, compassion, humility, gratitude and joy. The manifestation of these treasures will flow out of us and transform the whole world. There can also be a case with someone whose heart is empty, with no compassion, kindness, humour or sympathy. This implies a tendency to remain isolated and indifferent to those in need. We may become too self-centred and selfish, manifesting the very trait that is opposite to selfless and unconditional love.

Jesus beautifully explains this very value of life through the imagery of the tree and the house. Both the images of tree and house point to the one reality – the need for a good foundation. The One who listens to God’s word and lives by it is founded on rock. No wind can shake the one who has trust in the word of Jesus. God becomes the only safety and fortress of his or her life. Let us therefore introspect ourselves by asking ourselves, if our foundation of faith is strong enough to withstand any torrents of this world?

May the heroes of our faith, Saints Cyprian and Cornelius intercede for us and inspire us to live our Christian vocation to its fullness.

Response: May the name of the Lord be blest for evermore.

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