18th SEPTEMBER 2023

The Faith of The Centurion-Luke 7:1-9 | nolamilton



1 Tm 2: 1-8;               Ps 28: 2, 7-9;              Lk 7: 1-10


Today’s Gospel has a strong message for us – the message of the power of Jesus’ healing words – words that penetrate our innermost beings and heal us from our inner struggles and sicknesses! It is now that we need to apply ourselves to Jesus in faithful and fervent prayer – just like the Centurion. It is now that we need to cry out to Jesus in heaven and implore him to cure not only us but all our family members. Christ will always be the great physician.

Jesus was very ready to show kindness to the Centurion though he was a Gentile. Jesus is the Saviour of both the Jews and the Gentiles. The Centurion did not think himself worthy to visit Christ yet Christ thought him worthy to be visited by him. Let us visit our Lord now even if we don’t find ourselves worthy. Jesus loves us with all our iniquities and as the heavenly physician, he will surely heal our souls and hearts and minds with his healing words. Let us not shy away from the Lord but through our fervent prayers storm the heaven not only for ourselves but our ailing family members and friends and even those who help us in our daily activities. Let us humble ourselves and he will surely exalt us.

Let us always pray for all of God’s faithful and loyal people. St Paul asks us to be generous with our prayers. In our prayers, we need to have a generous concern for others as well as for ourselves – we are to pray for all men – and give thanks to God for all men. We are told to not restrict our prayers and Thanksgiving to our people and families only. As in the Gospel Jesus did not restrict his healing process only to the Jews, much in the same way Paul urges us to not restrict our prayers. Jesus loves everyone equally and bears goodwill for everyone He wants to save everyone and does not desire the death or destruction of anyone (Ez 33:11).

Response: Blest be the Lord, for he has heard the sound of my appeal.

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