6th NOVEMBER 2023

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Rom 11:29-36;                       Ps 69:30-31,33-34, 36;                       Lk 14: 12-14


Saint Therese of Child Jesus was convinced that we are all surrounded by the merciful love of God. She once said, “I have long believed that the Lord is more tender than a mother. I know that a mother is always ready to forgive trivial, involuntary misbehaviour on the part of her child. Children are always giving trouble, falling down, getting themselves dirty, breaking things — but all this does not shake their parents’ love for them.” What a beautiful statement she makes. God is abundant in his mercy that’s what we hear in the first reading where St Paul tells the Romans that God enjoys showering his merciful love on humankind. What is demanded of us who are disobedient to God often due to vulnerabilities and weaknesses, is that, as St Therese would say unceasing dependence on the mercy of God. Therese testifies “The memory of my faults humbles me; it causes me never to rely on my own strength, which is but weakness, but especially it teaches me a further lesson of the mercy and love of God.

Our Christian life does not build itself on the Give and Take policy. The Christian life is built on the give but don’t expect concept; it is giving those who cannot give in return the favours received. Jesus has spread the meal of love on the cross to all those who are disobedient, sinful, and vulnerable and because of their sinful nature cannot return anything. This is the height of mercy the Lord has showered upon us and has invited us to show the same to those whom we come in contact with. Jesus did all that he could to show how merciful God is to those who are in need; we need to remember what the Lord said, I have come for the sinners and not the righteous and all those who believe in him will not be lost but have eternal life. Let us carry on the same mission of Jesus as St Therese said, “I’m going to be doing only one thing: I shall begin to sing what I must sing eternally: The mercies of the Lord.”

Response: In your great mercy, answer me, O Lord

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