7th NOVEMBER 2023

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Rom 12: 5-16;                        Ps 131: 1-3;                Lk 14: 15-24 




Jesus teaches us about the value of humility and how it will be rewarded both here on earth and in heaven. A man’s feast is limited to those who can contribute financially to him out of ego and self-righteousness. However, it is a man’s humility, love, and meekness that cause him to welcome everyone to his feast, including the needy, beggars, lepers, widows, and others who lack the means to repay him. Jesus is trying to convey to us through this parable that God created us to use our skills to help those in need. This grand dinner is a metaphor for freely giving to others what God has abundantly blessed us. As a Christian our primary duty should be to help others with whatever we have. Also, it’s a reminder that we should not be proud of our talents because it is given by God.


In the Gospel passage, the host is giving away free food and drinks. But his friends and neighbours don’t necessarily lack food; only the hungry and the poor do. Jesus is therefore encouraging us to share our abundance with those who are in need since doing so will result in rewards in heaven. Let us offer all we have freely and without discrimination to everyone who truly deserves it, since we will receive our reward in abundance in paradise. Focusing on supporting the underprivileged, the disabled, the lame, the blind, etc. is in line with Jesus’ proclamation that “Whatever you do for one of my brothers, you do unto me.”


Humility enables us to recognize the challenges faced by the needy and those people trying to make ends meet. The poor and needy may not necessarily have to be strangers, but rather members of our own family, close friends, or neighbours. Our initial outreach to these people will undoubtedly inspire us to assist others as well. Only when we are humble will this kind of change occur. Let’s strive to see everyone as our own brother or sister by being humble.


Response: Keep my soul in peace at your side, O Lord.

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