16th NOVEMBER 2023

PSALM 36:7 - The Gospel For You



Wis 7: 22–8: 1;                      Ps 119;                        Lk 17: 20-25



Today’s liturgy highlights an important reality in a genuine Christian living. It is none other than wisdom. It is only through the gift of wisdom that we can perceive what the gospel of the day points towards, where our Lord Jesus, our Master gives the discourse about the Kingdom of God. The reading from the book of Wisdom is a perfect prelude to the message and theme of today’s gospel. Today also happens to be World Philosophy Day. It is a day to remember our great Greek pioneers, seekers and promoters of wisdom. It’s the correct time to reflect on the profound words of Socrates – “The unexamined life is not worth living.” At this outset, we see the fruits of wisdom an its implications in the present situations of our life.

It’s amazing to note that the Greek term pneuma denotes both spirit and wind. Also, wisdom is nothing but pneuma of God. We can see how gradually all the traits attributed to wisdom are perfectly fulfilled by the Holy Spirit who is the source of wisdom. Thus, in light of this same Spirit, filled with this Grace we reflect today on the words of Christ which has an explicit and implicit meaning when He said “Kingdom of God”. In today’s gospel passage, Jesus affirms that the kingdom is already present in us. To have an affinity with God and belong to his kingdom, we must make an internal journey and permit God, who is in us, to guide our life. We must listen to Jesus because He alone has the authority to speak about the Kingdom and He is truly the manifestation of God. As the gospel says, He is the visible face of the invisible God. As we attune more and more to his kingdom, we become more Christlike and will share his ultimate victory over evil and darkness.

Likewise in the explicit sense, when we accept the hardships and struggles of life, constantly praying in good faith, we discover the Kingdom of God within us and through our life make it present for others.

Response: Forever is your word, O Lord.

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