22nd MAY 2024

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Jas 4: 1-17;                 Ps 49: 2-3, 6-11;                     Mk 9: 38-40




Friendship is an important theme in the Sacred Scriptures. God calls human beings to become His friends. Jesus became a good friend of His people. The liturgy of the day invites us to become the friends of Jesus and warns us against becoming the friends of the world and its ruler.


Friends of Jesus: Jesus’ friends enter a relationship with Him. The chosen disciples were His friends, but they failed to understand the real depth Jesus’ friendship. Many times, they tried to do what pleased them, rather than what pleased their master. His friend is the one who can do marvelous works in His name, and such a friend will not be able to speak against his or her Friend. A true friend of Jesus does everything in His name, in the name of the Lord; even while offering a cup of water, he offers it in Jesus’ name, and he is duly rewarded for his act of charity by the Lord.


Friends of the World: The friends of the world do everything with a worldly motive. Their inner cravings lead them to conflicts and disputes. They are ready to commit grave sins like murder and adultery etc. with false motive, to satisfy one’s own desires. They desire and covet, when they do not get, they cause disputes and conflicts. They ask wrongly, they ask for what gives them pleasure. Their hearts are filled with pride. They speak against one another, judge one another. They boast about tomorrow, plan for tomorrow, but there is no place for God in their plans; they boast in their arrogance, even though they know what is right, they fail to do it and thus they commit sin.


Friendship with the world causes enmity with God and Jesus. They become God’s enemies. We need to be humble to become Jesus’ friends. We need to draw near God and flee from the evil one.


Response: Blessed are the poor in spirit,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

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