27th MAY 2024



1 Pt 1: 3-9;                 Ps 111: 1-2, 5-6, 9-10;                       Mk 10: 17-27




We all have a longing for a better life, another life, fullness of life and joy. However, the life and death of Jesus have closely connected earthly life with life beyond. Jesus ensures a complete life for those courageous to follow him, not merely his devotees and admirers.

St. Peter in the first reading, enthusiastically invites the newcomers in the community of believers to go ahead to appropriate the spiritual riches Jesus has gained for us by his death and resurrection. He admonishes us all to be morally stronger; and to widen the horizons of our life beyond the frontiers of this world, refusing to be faint-hearted with the passing troubles of this life.

In the Gospel reading today, there is a typical young man seeking a cheap heaven, a shortcut to lasting happiness; a heaven that can be purchased by earthly goods. Jesus tells him to follow the religious and social demands listed in Judaism. The response is stunning. He says he has been serious about it and has tried to stay within satisfactory limits. Jesus appreciates his audacity even in his silliness, and then tells him that lasting happiness cannot be purchased or achieved by accumulating earthly treasures. Jesus shows the reverse direction: namely to divest, give up, reduce the wealth and needs, and feel yourself a brother of the poor. But that was shocking to the lad, like lightning. He went away unable to take a reverse direction to value life more than wealth, pleasures, popularity, and social power.

We too often want Jesus to water down and make a compromise with the wordiness, as the disciples of Jesus felt shocked. Jesus repeats it at point blank that there is no compromise whatsoever for true happiness. The way, Jesus is offering us for our lasting happiness is the way of blessedness that he announced to the poor in spirit (Mt 5:1).

Response: The Lord keeps his covenant ever in mind.

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