20th JUNE 2024

My Reflections...: Reflection for Tuesday, March 12; First Week of Lent; Matthew  6:7-15



Sir 48: 1-14;               Ps 97: 1-7;                  Mt 6: 7-15



In Jesus’ teachings, we learned that we should pray from our hearts, not with many words, as the pagans did. Jesus taught His disciples the Lord’s Prayer, the perfect prayer. The Apostles passed down these teachings to us, so that we all learn and know the truth, which God wanted to show us.

Jesus taught us, that when we pray, we should not pray with many words, as the pagans do, rather our prayer should come from our heart, a true expression of ourselves rather than an empty and meaningless prayer. Unfortunately, many of us have made it into a litany of requests, wishes, and demands, which is not what we should do. Prayer is not only for speaking to God and having the airtime for our own needs, but also as a venue for God to speak to us in the depths of our hearts.

We as Christians should learn to improve ourselves and change our ways. Our way of prayer and work should be focused on serving our brethren, especially those in our societies and communities, closer to the Lord our God, and persevering to preach the Good News of God through our own actions. Prayer and work complement each other, and they are essential components of our Christian faith. When we pray, we should let go of our desires, wants, and ego, and instead open our hearts, keeping silence in our minds and hearts for the Lord our God to speak to us and show us the path to move forward.

Let us all become renewed Christians, devoting ourselves, effort, and time to do the good works of God, spreading His Good News and salvation to more people and bringing more souls to Him. We should also keep ourselves close to God through prayer, talking with Him, and communicating regularly with Him, so that we may listen to Him and know what His will is for us.

Response: Rejoice in the Lord, you just.

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