22nd JUNE 2024

Seek First the Kingdom of God



2 Chr 24: 17-25                      Ps 89: 4-5, 29-34                    Mt 6: 24-34



Every human being is a seeker. It is human nature to search and find new things. We seek knowledge, wisdom, riches, achievements etc. But, a follower of Jesus is primarily a seeker of the kingdom of God. Jesus founded the kingdom of God here on earth, and invited all to be the citizens of His Kingdom. One has to seek God’s Kingdom to become its full pledged member. This will provide him with everything one is in need of.

God chose the people of Israel to be His own. He became their God, and they became His people. As the members of God’s kingdom, the Israelites were supposed to worship God alone and live under His reign. But, time and again, they failed to seek God’s Kingdom; rather, they went after the worldly kingdom by indulging in idol worship. The earthly king himself failed to guide his people to seek Yahweh alone. God sent prophets like Zechariah to warn the people, so that they repent and begin to seek God’s kingdom. They rejected such prophets, and even they eliminated them. The Israelites had to face the consequences of their action.

Jesus, the Son of the Father, came to the world to establish God’s Kingdom and to save humanity. He invited people to become the citizens of God’s Kingdom. He reminds us today that we need to seek God’s Kingdom and all things will be added unto us. A disciple of Jesus cannot serve two masters, God’s kingdom and earthly kingdom, God and money etc. He has to seek only God’s kingdom without compromise, making a choice for God and against the evil one. When one seeks God’s kingdom, there is no place for worry, either about life, about what to drink, about our own body, and what to wear etc. The heavenly Father who loves His children will provide everything that His children are in need of, He knows what His children need. So, we need to strive to seek God’s kingdom first, and all other things will be added unto us.

Response: I will keep my faithful love for him always.

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