6th JULY 2024

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Am 9: 11-15               Ps 85: 9-14                  Mt 9: 14-17




Wedding traditions all over the world put special emphasis on the bride and the groom’s presence. The couple gets royal treatment as they sit on high and decorated chairs as if on thrones. The happy couple are even given crowns to wear. Special food, decorations and clothing all match the nature of the celebration. Celebratory occasions ought to honour the person being celebrated as well as the guests. It would be out of place to seat the bride and groom in the back of the room. That was Jesus’ point when the disciples of John the Baptist asked Him about fasting. Being in His presence should be a cause for feasting and not fasting. What an awesome insight into our life of faith! Coming into the Presence of God through prayer is a celebration, an occasion to celebrate God’s love; allowing us to draw into a deeper intimacy with Him.

A beggar used to sit in front of the tabernacle for a long time after the Holy Mass. Once the priest asked him “brother why are you simply sitting here without praying?” The beggar promptly replied, “Father, Jesus is looking at me and I am looking at Jesus. We look at each other to our hearts content and then I go away.” Just being before the Lord with a simple attentiveness and a loving gaze upon Him, to feel His bliss. This Good God of ours does not ask a great deal from us: a brief remembrance from time to time, a brief act of adoration, occasionally lifting up of our hearts to Him. The least remembrance of Him will always be most pleasing to Him. We can make of our hearts a tabernacle where we can withdraw from time to time to converse with Him there, gently, humbly, lovingly.

Life doesn’t always feel like a celebration. The transformation from our old ways to new life in Christ can be challenging. Let my life become an ongoing celebration of joy knowing that You, the Bridegroom are ever close to me and that I have a standing invitation to your “wedding feast” for all eternity.


Response: The Lord speaks of peace for his people.

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