12th JULY 2024

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Hos 14: 2-10               Ps 51: 3-4, 8-9, 12-14, 17                   Mt 10: 16-23


Hosea faithfully carried out his prophetic mission entrusted to him by God. The people did not pay attention to his warnings. Hosea’s focus was on the unfailing love of God. In the reading, Hosea speaks of the possibility of returning to God. The fall of Ephraim, is thus a result of their iniquity and not because their Assyrian gods. Hosea tells us that their praise/sorrow must be to God. It must not be to the false gods that have been unable to save them. They must not look to Assyria nor rely on their own military power.

God assures them of his unfailing love (v. 4). He uses the beautiful images of dew, lily, Cedar of Lebanon, Olive trees, grain and wine in sharp contrast to earlier images of the devouring lion, leopard and a bear bereaved of her cubs (Hos 5:14; 13:7-8). Hosea uses symbols from nature and from their culture to help them understand God’s promise of renewal, blessing, and flourishing for Israel. In short, transformation and abundant life under God’s loving care is promised to Israel. There will be no room for idols (Hos 4:17; 8:4; 13:2). The images show us how God’s love and grace are at work in the world.

Hos 14:9 is probably written at a later date, for the future generations to see that God continues to offer his grace to each of us. Hosea’s words invite us to accept God’s call and to return to Him (Hosea and Psalm 51). He offers us fullness of life and invites us to share it with all humanity, instead of choosing a path that paves the way to death and destruction.

The gospel pericope shows us the necessity to rely on God’s wisdom in being astute to the challenges we may face as Christ’s disciples. In a Synodal Church, Pope Francis says that “Instead of focusing only on what is not going well, let us appreciate where the Holy Spirit is generating life and see how we can let God work more fully.” Syn. of bp, Vade., 2.4 no. 3

Response: My mouth shall proclaim your praise.

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