1st JULY 2024

Amos 2 Artwork | Bible Art



Am 2: 6-10, 13-16                  Ps 50: 16-23                Mt 8: 18-22



Being morally upright is to be good and honest in one’s thoughts, words and actions. When one is morally upright, he lives life in accordance with ethical values and standards, respecting and looking for the wellbeing of oneself and others. Overall, it is listening to the voice of one’s conscience, doing what is right, despite the sacrifices and walking against what is collectively called acceptable.

In the reading today, Prophet Amos condemns injustice and exploitation of the people who were considered morally upright in society. The constant exploitation of the downtrodden and weaker sections is part and parcel of today’s living as well. The masses applaud the people in high positions and are usually the source of this evil. Power corrupts, powerful people try to achieve what they want no matter the cost. Amidst this unruly and unethical living, what is our response as Christians?

The Christian response in this world is marked by following the footsteps of our Lord Jesus Christ. As Christ’s disciples, we are to love one another, have compassion and forgiveness, and live a just life. Love one another as we love ourselves, not excluding the downtrodden, oppressed and marginalized.

We must live a just life by standing up against injustice. Upholding the rights of the poor, the marginalized and creating an environment of equality and fairness. We must be compassionate towards the suffering, offering support and empathy. We should be forgiving towards those who do wrong to us, not by building walls, but by building bridges. It is by these values that a Christian can truly witness to Christ. Practising these virtues can bring Christ to the world in his thoughts, words and deeds. Let us pray for the grace to know Christ and to follow him completely with our hearts, minds and souls.


Response: Mark this, you who are forgetful of God.

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