2nd JULY 2024

amos 3 and 4



Am 3: 1-8; 4: 11-12               Ps 5: 4-8                     Mt 8: 23-27



The argument often raised by Atheists against the ineffectiveness of praying to God is, “Why do you believe in a God who enjoys punishing his people?” Perhaps, we too doubt the effectiveness of God. Why does humanity have to suffer from wars, hunger and other social evils? Shouldn’t God, being omnipotent protect his people always? This notion needs clarity, and this is provided in the reading of today taken from the Book of Amos. Through imagery and comparisons, the Lord argues logically why he needs to punish people. It is not because it is a fun thing to do but rather with a sense of justice. The just Lord is prompted by the ingratitude of his people to punish them! This is the bitter pill to swallow but that is how the case goes! Parents in order to discipline their children resort to punishment as a means to make them realize their mistake. Similarly, Israel despite being favoured by God and warned many times about their sinfulness, never thought of reforming themselves. The rhetorical questions of God tell how logically He proves to these people that bitter things such as punishments do not happen overnight but is caused by themselves and are the consequences of their own actions.

Every human being on earth has been granted freedom of will. He/she can discern the action they do. However, every single act affects others too! Hence, when one does good, his goodness and his good deeds like dominos cause a string of good actions that affect everyone around him. On the other hand, the problems that we face in the word today such as wars, corruption, malnourishment, inequality etc. are the consequences of the abuse of collective freedom of the will which was, is and will be caused by every single wrong and sinful decision made! Therefore, may this reading impact us to think about our contribution to the problems we make rather than making God the scapegoat?


Response: Lead me, Lord, in your justice

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