4th JULY 2024

The Power of Forgiving and Letting Go!



Am 7: 10-17               Ps 19: 8-11                  Mt 9: 1-8


The Book of Amos paints a prophet ostracized for his message, a nation teetering on the brink of exile due to injustice. It’s a scene that resonates with the brokenness we witness daily – war, poverty, and societal ills that threaten to tear the fabric of our communities. Amaziah, the priest, represents those comfortable with the status quo, silencing voices that challenge the powerful. But amidst the despair comes the hope of the Gospel. Jesus encounters a paralytic, a symbol of physical and perhaps spiritual paralysis. The faith of those who bring him to Jesus is the key. They believe Jesus has the power to heal, a belief Jesus acknowledges. His response is revolutionary: “Courage, child, your sins are forgiven.” (Mt 9:2) This act of forgiveness transcends the physical, addressing the deeper human need for reconciliation and wholeness.

Just as the paralytic needed more than just physical healing, our world, riddled with injustice, also needs forgiveness. Amos calls for a change of heart, a return to God’s principles of justice and compassion. Jesus, through his act of forgiveness, shows us a path forward. We can all be Amaziah, turning a blind eye to suffering, or we can choose the faith of those who brought the paralytic man to Jesus. How can we, in our own spheres of influence, be instruments of healing and forgiveness? Perhaps by advocating for the marginalized, offering a listening ear to a friend in pain, or by choosing forgiveness, we break the cycle of resentment and create space for a more just and compassionate world. The message for the day is clear; Faith, like the faith of those who brought the paralytic man to Jesus, has the power to move mountains, both physical and metaphysical. It compels us to act, to work for a better world, and to trust that God’s love and forgiveness can mend even the most broken hearts and societies.


Response: The judgments of the Lord are true; they are, all of them, just

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