10th JUNE 2024

Take up Your Cross - Covenant Life Fellowship-Christian Church in Roseburg,  Oregon



1 Kgs 17: 1-6;                        Ps 121: 1-8;                Mt 5: 1-12



In today’s gospel we read the first part of the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus teaches paths to true happiness, called the Beatitudes. The Beatitudes are blessed attitudes or the attitudes that bring blessedness.

The Beatitudes bring happiness. They are attitudes that bring happiness. Those who practice these attitudes will be happy, people who see them will be happy and above all God will be happy about them. Blessedness or happiness means the approval of God. Beatitudes show us who will be approved by God. It reveals how one should live to be accepted by God. Thus the Beatitudes unfold the way to real happiness and true greatness. It is a guide to the path of true fulfillment of our earthly existence.

The Beatitudes are also known as beautiful attitudes or those which make a soul beautiful. You are beautiful if you are spiritually poor, and trust humbly in divine providence. You are beautiful if you live a life of purity. You are beautiful if you try to bring in peace. You are beautiful if you hunger and thirst to remain in the right relationship with God. You are beautiful if you show compassion to your fellow brethren.

The Beatitudes are focused on rewards. The first part of every beatitude focuses on an attitude and the second part on the reward. There are seven rewards promised to those who practice these virtues. The reward part answers the question: who is really blessed? One can be called blessed if he/she inherits the kingdom of God, is consoled by God, is called a child of God, has the vision of God, is satisfied by God, receives the mercy and glory of God. The first four attitudes are explained in relation with the love of God and the second four in relation to the love of neighbour. The rewards that Jesus promised will be fully experienced in eternity.

Response: Our help shall come from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.

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